[Image above] From left, conference organizer Yang Bai, conference organizer Jungho Ryu, plenary speaker Haixia (Alice) Zhang, plenary speaker Olfa Kanoun, plenary speaker Meiling Zhu, plenary speaker Miso Kim, session chair Sohini Kar-Narayan, and conference organizer Shashank Priya. Credit: ACerS

Just over 100 scientists from around the globe gathered Sept. 4–6, 2019, in Falls Church, Va., to share their research in energy harvesting at the 3rd Annual Energy Harvesting Society Meeting.

“This was a unique and friendly meeting for energy harvesting,” says Miso Kim, plenary speaker and senior research scientist at the Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science. “Typically energy harvesting will be just one symposium at a much larger conference; with the focus solely on this topic, we don’t have to defend the importance of what we are doing. We can instead focus on things like real-world applications of energy harvesting.”


International collaboration leads to new high-performance materials


Electricity harvested from magnetic noise


Magneto–mechano–electric generator 

could be effective power source for wireless charging

Wireless battery charging may benefit from a new generator that harnesses magnetic energy from our environment.

We are surrounded by magnetic fields, including those created by electric power transmission lines, which are essentially wasted energy. But how can we channel and convert magnetic fields into useful electrical energy? For this, an electromagnetic generator is needed. Unfortunately, current generators are too heavy, too large, and their efficiency too low for practical applications.